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Why Should You Consider The Right Size Homes & Loans Program ?

There’s no question that moving out of a home you’ve lived in for many years can be a stressful time. Between sorting through belongings, packing, scheduling movers, and setting up your new home, it might seem like a never-ending process that you just don’t want to think about. Add to that the fact that moving into a smaller space forces you to make decisions about what you’re taking with you, and you might just believe staying put is a better option.
However, right size homes & loans offers a lot of benefits to seniors! For instance, perhaps the upkeep is becoming too difficult; doing yard work and cleaning the house have become tasks you dread. Maybe there’s a staircase to the bedrooms that has become too hard for you to climb, and you’re spending more nights sleeping on the sofa instead of your bed. Or, maybe there are simply just rooms you haven’t stepped foot in for a long time- you have way more space than you need anymore.

Is Right Size Homes & Loan Program Right For You?

If you own your current home, are retirement age, and have thought about any of the following:
  • Less property maintenance
  • Fewer stairs
  • Fewer obstacles in the home
  • A walk-in tub or tub-to-shower conversion
  • ACA home remodeling
If you're considering the "what if's" - What if I slip? What if I fall? What if I have to go into a home? - then it's time to have a conversation about how right sizing can not only KEEP YOU IN YOUR HOME but also improve your quality of life, give you peace of mind, and even put retirement money in your pocket!

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How Right Size Homes Can Help You

  • Remove obstacles in the home that can cause injury as you age,(i.e., stairs/ step-in tubs, etc.) providing a better quality of life in your OWN NEW HOME
  • Stay in your home rather than being sent to one in case of an injury
  • Free up equity to create more expendable income
  • Suspend payments on your home FOR LIFE
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