The RIGHT mortgage for you!

Did you know that 7 out of 10 mortgages today
 are not in the best favor for the client? 

Make sure you talk with a community banker that will show you all the different options you have and allow you to make the decisions that are best for you and your family!  Apply online or call 515-343-2300 Today!
Thinking about Refinancing? Think No More! Start your refinance with just a few clicks Today!
Fidelity Bank is a locally owned community bank. Local ownership means local decision-making - no long waits and layers of bureaucracy to get your loan approved.

At Fidelity Bank, we specialize in what we call Right Size Homes & Loans. What we mean by Right Size Homes & Loans is that people's needs and circumstances change throughout their entire life and we have the perfect loan to meet those needs.

If you have a child on their way to college, we can do a Kiddie Loan. With a Kiddie Loan, you and your son or daughter purchase a house where your child is going to school and they stay there rather than in a dorm or a rented room. With this program, your student can save thousands of dollars and get a college degree with little or no student debt.
If your family is growing, we will help you purchase the Right Size Home with more room and a nice back yard for your kids.

If you are at retirement age and your existing home doesn't meet your current needs, we will show you how you may be able to purchase your perfect home with half down and you will never have to make another house payment again.

So, whatever your circumstances, call the Rick Davis Team at 515-343-2300 and we will put together the perfect Right Size Homes & Loans to meet your specific needs.
New Construction

New Construction

New construction loan program
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Fixed Rate

Set rate and payment for duration
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House Sold


Federal Housing Administration loan
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FHA 203K

Renovation loan program
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Luxurious House


Large loan amount
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Happy family


Veterans Affairs loans
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Old Couple

HECM / Reverse

For clients older than 62
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Rural development program
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Ideal for short term
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80-inch flat screen, surround sound, and a wet bar - why wait for it all? A 3R Home Loan can help you get your man cave.


Don’t just dream about it - make your dream kitchen a reality.


At the end of a long day, nothing beats a hot bath or relaxing shower. Bring the luxury of a spa home.
We believe in providing outstanding products and efficient processes with the most knowledgeable people who conduct business in a professional manner with the highest level of integrity and total transparency.
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