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 Are you thinking about New Construction but not sure where to start? Start with a Construction Bank!  Let our experts make it easy and clear how to proceed. Fidelity Bank is the premier lender for Construction Loans!

Get the Home You Want and Deserve

Rick Davis was hired by Fidelity Bank in 2005 for the sole purpose of construction and construction lending, which was his expertise for over 30 years. That experience and dedication have translated into a worry-free process. Rick Davis, while at Fidelity Bank, has built over 1,100 houses since 2005, stayed within budget, and completed every project to the homeowner's satisfaction.

We take it upon ourselves to inspect the material prices, quality of work, and we are able to ensure our clients are getting the best possible home. That’s why we are the Des Moines area leader in new home construction loans.

When you partner with Rick Davis and Fidelity Bank to build your new home, you’re ensuring a level of commitment and customer service that is virtually unparalleled in the Des Moines area.

Rick Davis, Senior Vice President at Fidelity Bank, personally meets with every client who is going to build a house. He personally looks at the site, plans, and specifications to ensure you are getting your dream home at a great value.

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