Kiddie Loans

5 Advantages of A Kiddie Loan

  • Build equity in your home while attending college
  • Potential to graduate with less than half as much student loan debt - half of student loan debt is due to room and board
  • Only 3.5% down payment - averages less than one semester of room and board
  • FHA insured - protected by the government
  • May qualify for in-state tuition
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Qualifications of a Student Home Investment Program

  • One of the borrowers must live in the property
  • Both the parents and the child must apply for the loan together
  • The maximum loan to value ratio is only 3.5% down payment if related by blood, marriage or law
To learn more about the Student Home Investment Program, call the Rick Davis Mortgage Specialist Team at 515-343-2300.

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Student Home Investment Program - Kiddie Condo Loan

Recently, Market Watch announced that the student loan debt in America will reach over $1.4 trillion in 2016. That translates to an average of over $37,000 of debt for each college student.

Addressing the announcement, Rick Davis with Fidelity Bank said, “Student debt is of crisis proportion creating serious ramifications on the young people of our country, as well as, on the economy of the United States. That’s why we are big proponents of the Student Home Investment Program.”

The Student Home Investment Program - called the Kiddie Condo Loan - enables parents to help their college-bound children purchase a home. Although called the Kiddie Condo Loan, the loan applies to single-family housing and townhomes, too.
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